4 Steps to a

Perfect Entrance

Before choosing the right front door for your home, you will need to make some important decisions. Will it be a contemporary or classic style?

Do you prefer a solid door or do you like the natural light you get from a glass insert?

Will there be a sidelite or a transom?

Getting lost in the details is easy, but here you will make the right decisions based on your home and personal style.

Step 1

Get inspired

Look through the following designs below and get inspired by our four trends: Contemporary, Eclectic, Natural and Classic styles.

You will easily find the style that best suits you and your home.

Step 2

Design your entrance

Designing a new entrance will give you the chance to create a fresh look for your home’s facade. Take the time to look at the options and choose
the product that best represents you.

Step 3

Choose your entry door

A new front door will turn heads, it will improve the exterior and make your home stand out. Select your door from the Shaker, Design, Prestige and Classic door collections.

Step 4

Choose your glass inserts

A glass insert is a terrific way to customize your front door and bring natural light into your home. Look through the unique selection of decorative glass inserts and find the perfect one.

Get inspired

Look through the following photographs and get inspired by our four trends : Contemporary, Eclectic, Natural and Classic. 


Subtle design meets bold style

Your home has clean, straight lines, abundant fenestration and is made of authentic materials. Add character to your facade by pairing one of our Contemporary decorative doorlites with a door from our Design Collection.

Uno steel door. Soft 22″ × 64″ doorlgass with 13 7/8″ × 79″ sidelite. Solid PVC jambs. Painted Iron Ore.

8′ Uno steel door. Zenith 22″ × 80″ doorlite.

Uno steel door. Masterline 22″ × 17″ doorlite. White solid PVC door frame.

Uno steel door. Stainless Steel Elements. Sandblasted glass sidelites and transom.


Bold arrangements

You’re no stranger to asymmetry, and your home is a blend of different styles and eras. If you like to mix things up, pair an Eclectic decorative doorlite with a steel door from our Shaker Collection.

Uno steel door. Tandem doorlite 22 “× 64” with Screen 13 7/8 “× 79” sidelite.

Uno steel door. Nassau doorlite 22 “× 64″ with 7″ x 64” matching sidelites.


A soft and polished look

Your home’s design is simple, symmetrical and full of carefully curated details. True to your classic style, it also has a porch and veranda. Are you drawn to traditional aesthetics, quality materials and fine craftsmanship? Pair a Classic decorative doorlites with a door from our Prestige Collection.

Orleans steel door with Prestige Mouldings and Opal 22″ × 48″ doorlite.

Orleans Oak woodgrain fiberglass door. Chanelle 22″ × 48″. Niagara glass 7″ × 64″ fiberglass sidelites.


Where simplicity meets texture

In typical farmhouse style, asymmetrical shapes give way to natural materials and colours. Simple entryways are accentuated by porches or large verandas. If you’ve got a weak spot for a raw and authentic look, go with one of our Natural decorative doorlites, and pair it with a steel door from our Shaker Collection.

Uno steel door. Alys 22″ x 64″ doorlite.

Uno steel door. Fluid 22″ x 64″ doorlite.

To be continued…


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